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About Us

We are a boutique office located in Burlington, Ontario providing business owners and professionals with strategies to protect what they have built and prepare for the successful transition of wealth to the next generation tax-efficiently.

As a collective, our team of professionals bring years of business experience in advanced strategies backed by leaders in insurance, taxation, accounting and wealth management.

Our philosophy is founded on the core principles of listening intently, transferring knowledge, and building custom-tailored plans with your team professionals (accounting, tax, legal, investment, estate) resulting in a sound, executable strategy designed to deliver YOUR vision, at the most critical points of your life.


To be a sought-after partner, key resource and essential stakeholder at the decision-making table for family-operated business owners and professionals in providing legally sound, tax efficient, community-centric, financially healthy practises.


Business owners and professionals are inundated by the daily demands of performing well. There is little time to think about or account for the unknowns (such as illness, death, divorce, loss of a key player, disputes, retirement, exit, succession and sale) until it’s too late. We never plan for them. They Happen. That’s life. 

Unexpected conditions force you into taking steps that can severely impact the health and future of your financial well-being along with your family, business partners and employees. 

We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to effectively manage, protect, and maximize your financial position today and for generations ahead.

Why Clients Engage Us

Capital Enhancement

Tax Reduction and Re-direction

Capital Preservation

Wealth Transfer

Retirement Strategy

Executor Readiness

Philanthropic Enhancements

Investment Vehicles

Aligning shared family vision of wealth with proven tools

The Ultimate

Estate Planning Checklist



Co-founder and President


Co-founder and CEO


We started this company based on the passion and earnest desire to see family businesses and professionals flourish. 

We team up with top-notch professionals to deliver proven financial strategies that have been known and implemented by “The Greats” such as the Rockefeller’s, for generations. 

It’s time we brought this knowledge to you.

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Does your family business plan require review?
  • Do you have a documented plan that achieves your retirement goal?
  • If you passed away yesterday, will your family and business continue successfully?
  • Do you know what your tax liability would be in the event of death? Would you like to know?
  • Do you have a succession plan to ensure your business value is maximized in the event of sale / retirement?
  • Do your lawyer, accountant, investment advisor, and insurance /estate advisor work in a co-ordinated manner for you?
  • Do you have an updated will? Do you know what it says?
We Can Help.